Advantages of Luxembourg

Subscribing to a life insurance or capitalisation contract in Luxembourg

The many benefits of the Luxembourg contract include the protection of the assets of the policyholder, the variety and flexibility of investments, and the selection of the best asset managers. With CALI Europe, the Luxembourg-based life insurance company of the Crédit Agricole Group, you can benefit from these advantages within its life insurance and capitalisation contracts.

Luxembourg: a major financial centre

Located in the heart of Europe and a member of the European Union, Luxembourg is a country with a long international banking history. It is the first centre for Private Banking in the Eurozone, number two centre for investment funds after the United States, and it ranks among the top ten financial centres in the world.

Its stringent control systems and the active presence of supervisory authorities guarantee the security of investor assets and local transactions.

Luxembourg's political stability and economic strength also explain why this major financial centre has long enjoyed a AAA rating by the specialised agencies: Standard & Poor's, Moody's and Fitch.

Les avantages de l'assurance vie au Luxembourg

Strict regulations and security for the policyholder

Luxembourg regulations require a segregation of the assets of the insurance company (and its shareholders and creditors) from those of the policyholders. The insurer has a legal obligation to transfer the assets of the policyholder to a custodian bank approved by the Luxembourg regulator, and with whom a tripartite agreement has been signed. This protection is known as the triangle of security.

Under Luxembourg life insurance law, policyholders are granted the status of "super-privileged" creditors meaning they are given priority over all other types of creditors, including the State. This privilege is common to all policyholders..

A high level of customisation and investment flexibility

Luxembourg offers a variety of unique investment vehicles in Europe which are internationally known for their excellence. The life insurance and capitalisation contracts make it possible to invest in various assets with high potential returns, including through unit-linked vehicles, which are subject to investment rules governed by Circular Letter 15/3 of the Luxembourg Commissariat aux Assurances and to any investment restrictions applicable in the policyholders’ country of residence or domicile.