CALI Europe policies are marketed under the principle of Freedom to Provide Services (FPS) from its headquarters in Luxembourg and the Freedom of Establishment from its Branch in France. 

FREEDOM TO PROVIDE SERVICES: The FPS regime enables CALI Europe to make use of a unique authorisation known as a “European Passport” to offer its products from Luxembourg to residents of other member countries or territories of the European Union or the European Economic Area following a simple procedure of notification to the country in question.  

FREEDOM OF ESTABLISHMENT: Through its subsidiary in France, CALI Europe offers French residents the option of choosing life insurance and capitalisation contracts within the Luxembourg regulatory framework, while respecting the French tax and legal regulations. 

Our solutions by market  

The flexible, diverse solutions developed by CALI Europe can be tailored to your situation and requirements. 

These solutions are defined in its marketing policy. They are intended for customers residing in France, Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg and Monaco. Each of these target countries therefore has its own specific policy. 

These policies are also available to nationals of these five countries who have relocated to other European Union countries and wish to choose a policy under the law of their nationality. 

This service, and the corresponding offers, are subject to specific rules and terms of acceptance, specified by CALI Europe’s internal marketing policy.  

CALI Europe also offers solutions for countries outside the European Economic Area under specific conditions defined within the same policy.