Cookies policy


The term cookies is to be interpreted broadly and covers all trackers that are placed and/or read, for example, when viewing a website. Cookies are usually small text files in alphanumeric format that are used for tracking. They are placed on and read from the hard disk of the user, in particular when browsing a website.

With some exceptions, a cookie cannot be installed without the consent of the user. The placement and use of cookies in connection with this website are outlined in this Cookies policy.

Types of cookies used

Visitor count cookies

We track the use and performance of our website with _ga and _gat cookies and use them to improve its functionality and how the  content is presented. We use Google Analytics.

These cookies do not collect personally identifiable information without the consent of the user. They are not usable by CALI Europe other than in the framework outlined in this policy and do not represent a threat as regards the transmission of computer viruses.

Lifetime and ownership of cookies

The lifetime of a _ga cookie is 2 years, and 10 minutes for a _gat cookie. They are the property of Google.

This means that in the event that the user has accepted the use of cookies, they will be automatically deactivated upon expiry of the relevant period. After that, consent will need to be obtained again for them to be reinstalled.


The user has the opportunity to object to the installation and use of cookies. This choice can be made at any time and users are free to modify it.

Browser configuration:
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer: Tools - Internet options - Privacy tab - select the desired level using the cursor.
  • Safari: Safari - Preferences - Security tab - select the desired level.
  • Firefox: Tools - Options - Privacy tab - retention rules dropdown menu - select the desired level.
  • Google Chrome: Tools - Options - Privacy tab - retention rules dropdown menu - select the desired level.

Update of Cookies policy

This policy, including the list of installed cookies, is subject to change at any time.