Unit-linked vehicles: dynamic and tailored investments

Dedicated internal funds

Investing in dedicated internal funds allows the investment management to be delegated to one or more managers according to the customer’s chosen investment profile. This tailored multi-currency investment strategy is modular, adapting to the investor’s situation and objectives. Dedicated internal funds can be composed of listed shares and bonds, UCIs’ units, money-market securities, etc.

External funds and collective internal funds

Drawing on a wide and frequently updated range of UCIs (equities, bonds, FCPs, SICAVs, etc.), investors are able to spread out their investments and adjust the allocation according to the trend of the financial markets and/or changes to their situation. To expand its offer, CALI Europe has developed its vision of green and social finance, incorporating more socially-responsible funds into its policies.

List of external funds

Information on the suspension of H2O funds

The specialised insurance fund

An “advisory” solution aimed at customers who want to retain control over their investments while benefiting from recommendations from their adviser.

Vehicles expressed in currencies: safe investments

The Euro-Fund 2

The EuroFund 2 of CALI Europe is a secure investment that reconciles caution and performance, and which is managed by the insurance company or its reinsurer. The financial management of this investment limits financial risks, in particular through rigorous portfolio diversification. The composition of the investments related to the Euro–Fund 2 is mainly oriented towards fixed-income securities denominated in euros and issued by sovereign states, supranational organisations or top-rated private issuers, and towards money-market instruments.

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The US Dollar-Fund 

An alternative to the Euro 2-Fund, the objective of the US Dollar-Fund is to ensure constant growth of the invested assets, characterised by relative stability over time and limited financial risks. The US Dollar-Fund benefits from diversified asset management, which is mainly geared towards bonds denominated in US dollars, issued by sovereign states, supranational organisations and high-quality private issuers.

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