Our investment vehicles

CALI Europe's life insurance and capitalisation contracts provide investment solutions to clients wishing to manage their assets and personalise their investments: dedicated internal funds, unit-linked funds and the Euro Fund.

Dedicated internal funds

Dedicated internal funds enable each policyholder to have a customised and multi-currency investment strategy, which can be adapted to his/her situation and objectives. The insurance company delegates the financial management of the dedicated fund(s) to one or more asset managers depending on the investment profile selected by the policyholders. Dedicated internal funds offer diversified financial management and may include listed equities and bonds, units of UCIs, money market securities, etc.

Unit-linked funds

Multi-management offers a wide range of UCITS funds from the best international fund managers. The policyholder can spread his/her investment across a wide range of unit-linked funds and modify the allocation of his/her investment according to the evolution of financial markets or of his/her wealth.

The policyholder have access to the international stock markets and may invest in several types of funds (equities, bonds, absolute return, commodities, real estate and money-market), denominated in different currencies, ,subject to any investment restrictions that may apply in his/her country of residence or domicile.

Euro Fund

The Euro Fund of CALI Europe is a secure investment that reconciles caution and performance, and which is managed by the insurance company or its reinsurer . The financial management of this investment limits financial risks, in particular through rigorous portfolio diversification. The composition of the investments related to the Euro Fund is mainly oriented towards fixed-income securities denominated in euros and issued by sovereign states, supranational organisations or top-rated private issuers, and towards money-market instruments.