CALI Europe and CALI Europe Succursale France, hereinafter CALIE, has introduced a claims policy in order to meet the expectations and needs of its clients.

Claims concerning any policy taken out with CALIE may be submitted to the company directly by post at the following address:

  • for CALI Europe: CALI Europe, Service Relations Clients, BP 925, L-2019 Luxembourg, or by fax on the following number: + 352 26267069 or via the following email address: reclamations@calie.lu
  • for CALI Europe Succursale France: CALI Europe, 16-18 boulevard de Vaugirard – 75015 Paris or via the following email address: reclamations@calie.fr

It is advisable to specify as accurately as possible the reasons for the claim and give the number of the Policy under which the claim is made.

CALIE will confirm receipt of the claim within ten (10) working days of receipt and reply to the claimant within thirty (30) days of the same date.

When a response cannot be provided within this time frame, CALIE will inform the claimant of the reasons for the delay and give a date when its assessment is likely to be completed.


In addition to the option of filing any claims or grievances with us, you can also appeal to the Commissariat aux Assurances (the Luxembourg Insurance Commission) if you have not received a response or a satisfactory response. To find out how to take your case to the Commission, click here.

You may also contact the authority responsible for receiving complaints from policyholders/insured persons in your country of residence:


To find out how to make a claim in different countries, click on the concerned country.

The procedure is only available if no action has been initiated or taken before or during the intervention of the supervisory authority or mediator and after the internal remedies have been exhausted.

However, pursuing any of these channels does not in any way prevent you from exercising your rights before the competent courts.