CA Group launches a ‘Hub’ for start-ups in Luxembourg

Entities of the Crédit Agricole Group in Luxembourg (CAMCA Assurance S.A., Amundi, CACEIS, CALI Europe, CA Indosuez Wealth (Europe)) are gathering to create Hub@Luxembourg, a platform connecting start-ups from the 24 ‘’Villages by CA’’ in France, with larger partner businesses.

This ecosystem of 300 sqm is to be unveiled on June 1st and will be able to accommodate from 5 to 10 start-ups, based on their profile.

It will act as a support to help develop the network’s start-ups from Luxembourg around Europe and internationally, but also on Luxembourg priority markets (aerospacial, cyber-security, fintech, insurtech, marine, green economy, smart cities, etc.).

Hub@Luxembourg is also meant to accelerate the growth of local start-ups. It will be integrated into the House of Start-ups, which have been created by the Chamber of Commerce of Luxembourg as a way to support innovation while accommodating incubators, accelerators and experts of business ecosystems altogether.

This project allows the ‘’Villages by CA’’ to broaden its offer beyond its already large network of major cities across the globe (London, Moscow, Shanghai, Seoul, Tokyo, Singapore, etc.).

To find out more about ‘’Le Village by CA’’, click here.

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Edition : Wednesday 25 April 2018