Our tools

Online customised and secure tools

CALI Europe provides a range of cutting-edge IT tools that meet its partners’ expectations and their clients’ needs.

We offer a personalised, protected portal that is accessible whatever your location, on computer, tablet and smartphone.

Les espace dédiés My-CALIE

My-Calie dedicated website

My-Calie partner’s dedicated site is a secure and user-friendly database designed to meet, in an efficient way, the needs of CALIE’s partners and their clients.

  • Available in 3 languages: French, English, Italian.
  • Developed in responsive design, for an automatic adaptation to all your devices: smartphone, tablet, desktop.
  • A dashboard with a dynamic display, allowing you to have direct, concise and simultaneous visibility of each sections of the website.
  • Video tutorials to guide you throughout the website.
  • A lighter version of the website for the client.

2 technical options :

  • Context transfer: automatic access with user login (SSO).
  • Direct connection: access with strong authentication device.

A broad palette of features :

  • Monitoring of demands
  • Policies
  • Statistics
  • Funds
  • Sales support tools
  • Contractual documentation
  • Comparisons