CALI Europe offers a range of multi-vehicle whole-life insurance products specifically for Italian resident natural persons, legal persons or trustees established in Italy, wishing to insure themselves or other natural persons against the risk of death. 

CALI Europe’s products offer a combination of insurance services backed by vehicles expressed in currencies (Branch I) and/or unit-linked vehicles (Branch III - Unit Linked). This is a long-term savings product used to accumulate and/or transfer capital. 


Solution  for the Italian market

Policy features: 

Policy stakeholders:  

  • Policyholder/Insured: 1 or 2 natural persons, 1 legal entity and/or 1 trustee. The policyholder may also be the insured party of the policy;   

  • Beneficiary in the event of death: Named or generic title 

  • Referring third party  

Duration: Whole-of-life 

Applicable tax regime: Tax regime of country in which the policyholder is domiciled for tax purposes (Italy) 

Initial payment: €500,000 minimum 

Investment options: 

  • Vehicles expressed in currencies: Euro 2 and US Dollar funds 

  • Unit-linked vehicles : dedicated internal funds, collective internal funds and external funds 

Death cover: Standard and optional 



CALI Europe 
Registered office: 9 allée Scheffer, Building C, L-2520 Luxembourg - Luxembourg Company and Trade Register B75007 
Postal address: BP 925, L-2019 Luxembourg 
Tel: (+352) 26 26 70 30 - Fax: (+352) 26 26 70 69


CALI Europe S.A. is an insurance company under Luxembourg law, which operates in Italy under the freedom to provide services. It is entered under order number II.00279 dated 13 September 2000 on the list annexed to the IVASS [Italian institute for the supervision of insurance] register of insurance companies. 

To view the details of order no. II00279 dated 13 September 2000, please click here


CALI Europe S.A. is subject to the supervision of the Commissariat aux Assurances (CAA), the Luxembourg supervisory authority: 


If you wish to file a complaint, or make use of any other system for out-of-court settlement of disputes provided for by current legislation, please visit the following page:


For our Products, the KIDs, the Articles of Association of Management Companies and Regulation on investment vehicles expressed in currency: Euro-2 Fund and US Dollar-Fund, click here



CALI Europe places the trust and satisfaction of its customers at the heart of its actions and wishes that each actor is involved in this relationship keeping in mind the primacy of the customer’s interest in each of these actions, including  the performance of a support function at the service of the group.  

CALI Europe’s Conflict of Interest Prevention and Management Policy aims to avoid or, at the very least, to reduce potential or proven conflicts of interest that could arise in the course of the marketing and management of insurance services offered by CALI Europe.  

This Policy applies to all contracts commercialised by the Company. The rules for the prevention and management of conflicts of interest apply to:  

  • staff and management of CALI Europe and its branches;  
  • relations with its partners and other Group entities when carrying out insurance distribution activities;  
  • customers and prospects. 



CALI Europe defines ”Conflict of Interest” as a situation in which the interests of two or more persons, natural or legal, are in competition or diverging, whether directly or indirectly. An interest is the source of any benefit of any kind, material or intangible, professional, commercial, financial or personal.  

The Company strives to put in place the best strategy to effectively counter these conflicts of interest and therefore support a set of preventive measures. Curative measures must remain measures of last resort.  

To prevent situations of conflict of interest, the Company implements:  

  1. Regular training available to all employees;  
  2. Appropriate comitology and policies, including conflict of interest issues;  
  3. A Conflict of Interest Register that records observed or potential situations, updated at least annually; 

Moreover, CALI Europe makes every effort to put an end to all situations of conflict of interest identified at any level. However, when the risk of harming the customer’s interest cannot be avoided despite the policies and measures put in place to manage these conflicts, CALI Europe must inform the customer and the distributor of the existence of a conflict that may result in a breach of the customer’s interests.  

Customer information must be a measure of last resort. When a conflict of interest is found, arbitration is organised at different levels, depending on the people involved or the complexity of the conflict of interest, in order to quickly find an appropriate solution and avoid harming the interests of customers. 

You can download the above-mentioned documentation on a durable medium (pdf) by clicking here.


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